• Rewarding Our Nation's Valedictorians
    Rewarding Our Nation's Valedictorians
  • intelligence is priceless
    intelligence is priceless
  • their journey begins with us
    their journey begins with us

Our Nation's Future Leaders



The HSV Group has been working on a project for over two years to reward America’s 2020 valedictorians with a one week all-expenses-paid trip to Waikiki for this July, 2020 for their achievement. Unfortunately, like many other events, the coronavirus has forced us to cancel for this year. We are now planning to hold this innovative event in 2021.

The HSV Group has retooled our plans that are “virus free” so we can still reward our community’s 2020 high school valedictorians. It took years of sacrifice, consistent hard work, dedication and leadership for our students to attain this goal and we will do the same for them.

Now it is our turn to invest in “America’s most valued asset” by investing in their college and future business careers. With your financial support, your local 2022 high school Valedictorians will be awarded college life gifts, like round-trip airline tickets to get to and from college, textbooks, Starbucks cards, college apparel shopping cards, grocery cards and much more.

Even more importantly, each valedictorian’s detailed profile will be included on a database and submitted to the Fortune 1000 and prestigious postgraduate educational institutions for recruiting purposes. Early admission, internship programs and part-time employment during their college careers will be available to enhance their future endeavors.

About ValPak


ValPak, an acronym for “Valedictorian Package”, was created to award our nation’s brightest high school students for achieving their school’s highest accomplishment. For many decades, these high achievers went unnoticed and forgotten soon after they addressed their graduating class at commencement. Those days are over thanks to ValPak! ValPak, created by the HSV Group, reaches far beyond this tradition. Our ValPak national sales team will reach out to all parts of the United States of America, including inner city and economically depressed areas. These awards will help all valedictorians, while attending college, with their everyday living expenses. We thank, ahead of time, those philanthropic individuals, family members, friends and community businesses for investing in these students, your community and the world. This effort will make our nation and world a better place, one gesture at a time.

Let's build something special

Everyone knows how expensive college life is. Together, let's help these students, from our communities, so they will not have to worry about everyday living while in college.

Matching them with the best

The HSV Group will disseminate each valedictorian’s high school profile to many of the top postgraduate educational institutions in our nation.

Their future means everything

The HSV Group will also distribute our student’s profiles to the Fortune 1000. We are already know that they will offer guidance, internship programs and part-time employment while attending college.

Sample Valedictorian Profile

Meet The Stars

This is the profile format which will be submitted on a database for recruiting purposes:

Christina Sherman! Top Tier

Hi, my name is Christina. I recently graduated as our school’s valedictorian. I will be attending Harvard University in the fall on a scholarship. My parents recently got a divorce, but, my mother made sure that I still had time to study, play sports and do community service work at our church. I have a deep passion for learning new things in life. I speak two different languages, fluent in both and am a fast learner. I find it easy to adapt within different environments. Thank you for considering me. Christina Sherman

Valedictorian Name Christina Sherman
GPA 4.25
SAT Score 1,530
High School Edison High School
City, State, Zip Code Edison, NJ 07083
School Enrollment 1,242
Attending College Harvard
Major 1 Business Admin.
Major 2 Science
Languages Spanish, French
Sports Basketball, Tennis
Hobbies Writing, Traveling, Skiing
Contact Christina


Valedictorian Facts

  • Albert Einstein was a high school valedictorian
  • 64% Are females
  • 13% Were born outside of America
  • 42% Have business related careers
  • 18% Have medical ralated careers
  • 2% Have or had political careers
  • 0% Are in professional sports

Some of the most successful people in the world were high school valedictorians

Latest News

2nd richest person in the world

ValPak Features

  • Round Trip Tickets to and from College
  • Hotel Stay At Participating Hotels
  • Funded Chase Debit Card
  • Meal Cards
  • Tickets to a College Sporting Event
  • Apparel Shopping Card
  • Weekend Car Rentals
  • Grocery Card
  • Textbooks
  • Entertainment
  • And Much More



The 2020 Valedictorian Package, known as ValPak, is seeking corporate sponsorship our 2020 valedictorians from high schools around our country. In exchange for their generous donation, the corporations will have the opportunity to gain access to a fully loaded database profiling these brilliant minds and to meet their sponsored valedictorian on a one-on-one interview to commence building a social and business relationship.

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Sample Database

2020 High School Valedictorian Database

Total Valedictorians 48 234 328 1123 322 272 32
White 33 159 223 764 219 185 22
African American 7 35 49 168 48 41 5
Asian 5 23 33 112 32 27 3
Hispanic 2 12 16 56 16 14 2
Other 1 5 7 22 6 5 1
Male 17 82 115 393 113 95 11
Female 31 152 213 730 209 177 21
Ivy League Schools 2 9 13 45 13 11 1
Top 100 Colleges 6 30 43 146 42 35 4
Other Colleges 40 194 272 932 267 226 27
Major Studies
Finance 6 28 39 135 39 33 4
Engineering 3 14 20 67 19 16 2
Business Administration 17 84 118 404 116 98 12
Science 7 35 49 168 48 41 5
Education 11 51 72 247 71 60 7
Health Care 1 7 10 34 10 8 1
Entertainment 1 5 7 22 6 5 1
Food & Beverage 2 9 13 45 13 11 1
The First Annual High School Valedictorian Forum has been rescheduled July 18, 2023, in Waikiki. We are excited about connecting thousands of valedictorians around the country and connecting them with some of the nation’s most prestigious businesses, organizations, colleges and universities.

The First Annual High School Valedictorian Forum, previously scheduled July 12 out 19, 2020 in Waikiki has been cancelled due to the spread of the coronavirus. We will delay this outstanding event to July 2021. It will be even bigger and better!

Your Community Valedictorian Is America’s Most Valued Asset… Let Us Be Their Support For The Future!




Corporate Executives

Q. Will sponsoring a valedictorian with a ValPak make a difference in their lives?

A. Businesses can donate any amount they wish, if they donate $40 dollars or more they receive a free year’s subscription on the MobileKong network.

Q. How will sponsors know that the valedictorians will receive the ValPak financial package?

A. It will be mandatory for each valedictorian that receives the award to send an email of thanks to their sponsor. Also, each sponsor will receive a detailed profile of every student that they bless. This is a very transparent process.

Q. How does each sponsor select or get assigned a valedictorian to financially assist?

A. Each sponsor can select their own from their own neighborhood or the HSV Group can search out a valedictorian based on the sponsor’s criteria.

Q. How many valedictorians can a sponsor award a ValPak package?

A. A sponsor can bless as many valedictorians that they wish each year.

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